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Bar Mitzvah Cake
Kosher Catering : Bar Mitzvah Cake
Colorful Bar Mitzvah Room setup
Kosher Catering : Colorful Bar Mitzvah Room setup
Grilled Veggie pasta
Kosher Catering : Grilled Veggie pasta
Outdoor Kiddush buffet
Kosher Catering : Outdoor Kiddush buffet
Zcater Staff
Kosher Catering : Zcater Staff
Salad and buffet menu
Kosher Catering : Salad and buffet menu
Coffee and tea station
Kosher Catering : Coffee and tea station
Tiramisu and berries
Kosher Catering : Tiramisu and berries
Custom Bat Mitzvah Cake
Kosher Catering : Custom Bat Mitzvah Cake
Bat Mitzvah Lounge party
Kosher Catering : Bat Mitzvah Lounge party
Platter of Cakes and Struddles
Kosher Catering : Platter of Cakes and Struddles
Buffet of desserts
Kosher Catering : Buffet of desserts
Bar Mitzvah plated salads
Kosher Catering : Bar Mitzvah plated salads
Challah and Candles
Kosher Catering : Challah and Candles
Children at Bar Mitzvah
Kosher Catering : Children at Bar Mitzvah
Guests at Bar Mitzvah
Kosher Catering : Guests at Bar Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah custom candle
Kosher Catering : Bar Mitzvah custom candle
Kiddush Buffet Setup
Kosher Catering : Kiddush Buffet Setup
Grape Leaves, Pickles, and olives
Kosher Catering : Grape Leaves, Pickles, and olives
White Chocolate dipped Strawberries
Kosher Catering : White Chocolate dipped Strawberries
Egg Salad
Kosher Catering : Egg Salad
Tuna Salad
Kosher Catering : Tuna Salad
Spreads for Bagels
Kosher Catering : Spreads for Bagels
Large buffet sides
Kosher Catering : Large buffet sides
Smoked Fish and Spread
Kosher Catering : Smoked Fish and Spread
Buffet Sides for Bagels
Kosher Catering : Buffet Sides for Bagels
Buffet of fish
Kosher Catering : Buffet of fish
Salads and pasta dairy Kiddush
Kosher Catering : Salads and pasta dairy Kiddush
Spreads and sides
Kosher Catering : Spreads and sides
Purple Dessert buffet
Kosher Catering : Purple Dessert buffet
Cucumbers and Spread
Kosher Catering : Cucumbers and Spread
Children dancing
Kosher Catering : Children dancing
Buffet egg salad
Kosher Catering : Buffet egg salad
Bar Mitzvah Carving station
Kosher Catering : Bar Mitzvah Carving station
Children dessert table
Kosher Catering : Children dessert table
Stationary hors d’oeuvres set up
Kosher Catering : Stationary hors d’oeuvres set up
Bat Mitzvah table centerpiece
Kosher Catering : Bat Mitzvah table centerpiece
Walk away Hummus martinis
Kosher Catering : Walk away Hummus martinis
Bruschetta and baguettes
Kosher Catering : Bruschetta and baguettes
Outdoor Kiddush buffet at Temple Solel
Kosher Catering : Outdoor Kiddush buffet at Temple Solel
Basket of bagels
Kosher Catering : Basket of bagels

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If you are looking for kosher catering, you came to the right place. ZCater has been providing kosher catering for over 25 year.

We take pride in our traditional and award winning kosher cuisine. All of our kosher catering services are supervised to deliver excellent kosher food to your event. Our menus are uniquely structured to satisfy your needs.

If your interested in letting us cater your special event, you can contact us at (888) ZCater1.

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